Past Research Projects in Vet. Anatomy And Physiology

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Past Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Commercialization Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants In Kenya, E-learning Curriculum Development, Ostrict Farming Research. KAPP Project/ KAPP Project/Prof. T. Mukiama 2007 2010 110,000 View Details
Trends In Livestock Production Systems And Their Impact On Environment And Livelihoods In The Lake Victoria Basin VICRES/Dr. P. Mbaabu (PI) 2007 2010 150,000 View Details
Pilot Study On The Influence Of Lifestyle Factors On The Incidence Of Breast Cancer In Kenyan Women. NIH/Dr. J.A.Oduma (PI) 2005 2007 14,600 View Details
Treatment Of Latent Tuberclosis With Invasive-deficient Salmomella. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/Don Dreher(PI) 2001 50,000 View Details
Effects Of Ethane Dimethanesulphonate, A Leydig Cell Toxicant, On The Andrological Patterns, Testicular, Epididymal And Pituitary Structure In The Goat (capra Hircus) 1995 1998 View Details
Effects Of Heptachlor, An Organochlorine Pesticide, On The Male Endocrinological Parameters, Testicular And Pituitary Structure In The Rat 1992 1994 View Details
Morphological And Endocrinological Evaluation Of The Male Reproductive System Of Non-breeding Naked Mole-rat (heterocephalus Glaber) (funded By The Dean 1989 1992 View Details
Functional Morphology Of The Pecten Oculi View Details
Effective Integration Of Biodiversity Resources And Management As A Tool For Promoting Rural Agricultural Reform. View Details
An Ethnobotanical Survey Of Medicinal Plants Of Ethnoveterinary Importance And Other Applications In Mt Kenya Region. View Details
Development Of Thermoregulation In Birds. View Details
Partitioning Of Nitrogen Metabolism In Ostriches View Details
Reproductive Endocrinology In Guinea Fowls. View Details
Hematology Of Game Birds. View Details
Development Of A Radioimmunoassay Method To Measure Ostrich Growth Hormone. View Details
Heart Rate And Energy Expenditure During Exercise In The Domestic Donkey And One-humped Camel. View Details
The Role Of The Legs And Skin In The Thermal Regulation In The Domestic Donkey And One-humped Camel. View Details
Scaling Oxygen Uptake To Body Size In An East African Caecilian (afrocelican Taitana). View Details
Thermal And Metabolic Adaptation To Heat And Exercise In The Ground Hornbill (burcovus Cafer). View Details
Thermal Balance In The Crested Guinea Fowl. View Details
Kidney Function And Urine Concentrating Ability In A Fossorial Rodent: The Naked Mole Rat (heterocephalus Glaber). View Details
Temperature Regulation, Oxygen Consumption, Evaporative Water Loss And Urine Concentrating Ability In A Small Carnivore: The Bat-eared Fox. View Details
Temperature Regulation And Heat Balance In A Running Large Desert Ungulate: The One-humped Camel. View Details
Harvesting The African Desert With Ruminants: Will Biotechnology Help? View Details
Physiological Adaptation And Metabolism In A Fossorial Rodent: The Naked Mole Rat (heterocephalus Glaber). View Details
The Water Metabolism Of A Large Desert Equid: The Grevy Zebra (equus Grevyi). View Details
A Comparative Morphological And Morphometric Study Of The Avian Lung: A Diver The Cormorant (phalacrocorax Africanus) And A Weak Flyer The Marabou Stork (leptoptilos Crymeniferus). View Details
Energetics Of Locomotion And Load Carrying In The Domestic Donkey. View Details
Locomotion And Load Carrying In The Onehumped Camel. View Details
A Fish Living In An Extremely Alkaline Hot Environment. View Details
The Body Composition Of A Fosorial Rodent: The Naked Mole Rat. View Details
Haematological Changes And Plasma Composition In The Domestic Donkey During Exercise. View Details
Physiological Adaptation Of The Camel To Exercise: Electrolyte And Haeomatological Changes. View Details
Seasonal Variation In The Urine And Plasma Electrolyte Concentration In A Large Ungulate: The Giraffe. View Details
Renal Function And Electrolyte Metabolism During Dehydration In Three Species Of Hyraxes. View Details
Comparative Aspects Of Female Reproductive Organs View Details