Student Life

The office of the Dean of Students was established in the early 70s and its primarily

concerned with students welfare from entry to


The office has had several Deans of Students with the current one being

Dr.Fr. Wamugunda Wakimani D.Within the department there are also Assistant

Deans of Students, Counselors, Chaplains and other administrative staff.

The office of the Dean of Students has achieved alot since its inception, its

established and strengthened proffesional associations,it offers a balanced

spiritual environment for all religions to thrive, creates a conducive environment

for stundents and staff with disabilities as well as offer counselling services,it

also facilitates internship and employment opportunities for our students.

This office is situated at the main campus in Gandhi Wing (GW) on the ground

floor next to Taifa Hall. Tel: 318262. Ext: 28101


The office of the Dean of Students is concerned with student affairs to help

address the holistic growth, development and wellbeing of students in support

of the University’s vision, mission and objectives. The officers often work in

liaison with different University departments as well as with student leaders,

parents and maintain contact with outside agencies and the community to help

carry out the mandate of this office effectively and efficiently.


In 2014, the Office encouraged students’ positive involvement in internal

and external events and partnered with students in programmes planning and

facilitation, in order to enhance professional and personal well-being and nurture

the right values, strong social responsibility and responsible citizenship.

In this effort, the office facilitated ongoing progeammes that developed student

leadership skills, gave students an awareness of topical issues such as HIV/AIDS

, career guidance and counseling, often supporting student participation in

projects that encouraged innovativeness and creativity, including a  positive

interaction with the community and the environment.


The office also addressed issues pertaining to students with special needs and

disseminated up-to-date information general to the university, and specific to

the office.


Student Activities

The office related well with the Student Leadership (SONU), facilitating them

where necessary sometimes under very difficult circumstances.

The students’ associations carried out activities with some showing more

integrity and maturity than others. The most active in this regard were: Kilirover

Scouts, WOSWA,MCCU; Rotaract; AIESEC;USIS; Peace Ambassadors among others.

We also assisted professional groups from the faculties abd a few of them were

quite active.