Department of Vet Anatomy Staff members participate in an oureach event to a children's home
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Start Time: 
Thu, 2016-12-01 12:25
End Time: 
Thu, 2016-12-01 05:53
Kahawa West

Staff members from DVAP visits Grace Community Childrens Home at Kahawa West. Second from right is Mery Nzioki, Third Cathrine Ngaiwa, Holding a baby Magaret Kagina all from Vet Anatomy. The Outreach happened on 1st Dec 2016 organised by Chiromo Campus Christian Staff Fellowship.

Mery Nzioki (left)

Catherine holding the youngest child (1year six months) at the childrens home.


  1. Our objective of this visit for the fellowship was to fulfill the mandate of our biblical belief and faith to remember and help the destitute whenever possible.
  2. Give hope to the orphaned children and let them know they can make it in life despite their current condition.
  3. Show Gods love to the children and assure them he cares for them and would send people to assist them reach their desired dreams in life.
  4. Motivate the Chiromo community to engage and participate in kindness for such community outreaches.


  1. DONERS: Members of the CCCF, members of staff from different departments in Chiromo campus who are none CCCF members, Some of the Chiromo Campus Students Union, Office of the Principal, CBPS.
  2. ATTENDENDED: Staffs, members and nonmembers of CCCF together with some students from the Chiromo Students union. Totaling to about thirty in numbers visited the children’s home.


Members of staff from Chiromo community made an overwhelming respond towards the giving for this visit  despite the fact that the notice was short. They brought Clothing’s, food stuffs, stationaries, mattresses and money. Within three days we were able to raise 33, 150/- in cash from donors.

Food stuff:  We are very  grateful to the college  Principal CBPS Prof. Bernard Aduda who despite a very short notice, volunteered to cater for the food budget which amounted to 38,000/- and also provided transport to ferry the staff and donated items to the children’s home. May God bless him and his office. We appreciate also the support of head of departmen Vet. Anatomy for the support he gave the fellowship.

Monitory: Out of the 33,150/- collected by that day. About 20,000/-  was used  for purchases of stationaries, Pampers, Diapers. Food stuffs for the children and staff to share while interacting was also bought. Cash money of 10,420/- was handed over to the children’s home.

Above second from left chairman of the staff christian fellowship, Amos Mwasela of Vet Anatomy departmen with George Njau vice chair of the fellowship (left) from Biochemistry dept. visits the childrens home two days before the visit to servey the home for proper planning of the main visit on 1st Dec. We appreciate the support of the head of Dept. Vet. Anatomy Prof. Charles Kimwele who also supported the event in a special way and granted permission for his staff to attand.

 Amos with the youngest orphan who is one and half years old.