FVM Annual Report-2010-2011
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FVM Annual Report-2010-2011

The following information from the dept. of Vet. Anat. and  Physiol. is for inclusion in the above report:

Peer Reviewed Publications

      1. Hlushchuk, R., Ehrbar, M., Reichmuth, P., Heinimann, N., Styp-Rekowska, B.,

          Escher, R., Baum, O., Lienemann, P., Makanya, A., Keschet, E. and Djonov, V.

          (2011). Decrease in VEGF expression induces intussusceptive vascular pruning.

          Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol., 31(12):2836-2844.

      2. Hlushchuk, R., Makanya, A.N. and Djonov, V. (2011). Escape mechanisms after

          antiangiogenic treatment, or why are the tumors growing again. Int. J. Dev. Biol..


      3. Kavoi, B. and Hassanali, J. (2011). Comparative Morphometry of the Olfactory

          Bulb, Tract and Stria in the Human, Dog and Goat. Int. J. Morphol., 29(3):939-


      4. Kavoi, B., Makanya, A., Hassanali, J., Carlsson, H.E. and Kiama, S. (2010).   

          Comparative functional structure of the olfactory mucosa in the domestic dog and

          Sheep. Ann. Anat., 192(5):329-337.

      5. Maina, J.N., West, J.B., Orgeig, S., Foot, N.J., Daniels, C.B.., Kiama, S.G., Gehr,

          P., Mühlfeld, C., Blank, F., Müller, L., Lehmann, A., Brandenberger, C. and

          Rothen-Rutishauser, B. (2010). Recent advances into understanding some aspects

          Of the structure and function of mammalian and avian lungs. Physiol. Biochem.

          Zool., 83(5):792-807.

6. Makanya, A.N., El-Darawish, Y., Kavoi, B.M. and Djonov, V. (2011). Spatial and     functional relationship between air conduits and blood capillaries in the pulmonary gas exchange tissue of adult and developing chickens. Micr. Res. Tec., 74(2):159-69.

7. Makanya, A.N., Hlushchuk, R. and Djonov, V. (2011). The pulmonary blood-gas 

    In the avian embryo: inauguration, development and refinement. Respr. Physiol.

    Neurobiol., 178(1):30-38.

      8. Nyongesa, A.W. and Onyango, D.W. (2010). Khat (Catha edulis Forsk). A Boon

          or Bane to Humanity. In 'Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Vol. 28, Drug Plants

          II (Eds. Awaad, A.S., Singh, V.K. and Govil, J.N.)'. Stadium Press LLC, USA.

      9. Ogeng'o, J.A., Malek, A.K. and Kiama, S.G. (2010). Regional differences in  

            Aorta of goat (Capra hircus). Folia Morphol. (Warsz)., 69(4):253-257.

      10. Ogeng'o, J.A., Malek, A.A. and Kiama, S.G. (2010). Structural organization of

            tunica intima in the aorta of the goat. Folia Morphol. (Warsz.), 69(3):164-169.

     11.  Oyugi, D.O., Cucherousset, J. Ntiba, M.J., Kisia, S.M., Harper, D.M. and Britton,

J.R. (2011). Life history traits of an equatorial common carp Cyprinus carpio population in relation to thermal influenes on invasive populations. Fisheries Res., 110:92-97.

      12. Oyugi, D.O., Harper, D.M., Ntiba, J.M., Kisia, S.M. and Britton, J.R. (2011).

Management Implications of the Response of Two Tilapiine Cichlids to Long-Term changes in Lake Level, Allodiversity and Exploitation in an Equatorial Lake. AMBIO (Royal Swedish Academy of sciences), 40: 469-478.

13. Wambugu, S.N., Mathiu, P.M., Gakuya, D.W., Kanui, T.I., Kabassa, J.D. and

Kiama, S.G. (2011). Medicinal plants used in the management of chronic joint

pains in Machakos and Makueni counties, Kenya. J. Ethnoparmacol., 137(2):


        14. Wambugu, S.N., Towett, P.K., Kiama, S.G., Abelson, K.S. and Kanui, T.I.

            (2010). Effects of opioids in the formalin test in the Speke's hinged tortoise.

            (Kinixy's spekii). J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., 33(4):347-351.


Kisia, S.M. (2010). Vertebrates: Structures and Functions (Eds. Dutta, H. and                Kline, D.). Science Publishers, Enfield, New Hampshire, USA. 545pp.

Msc graduates

  1. Kaluwa, C.K. (2010). Evaluation of Antifertility Properties of Medicinal Plants Traditionally Used in Tana River County, Kenya.
  1. Ochwangi, D.O. (2011)
  1. Musembi  (2011)

PhD graduate

Orenge, C.O. (2010). Expression of Trypanotolerant Quantitative Trait Loci in a Boran-based Backcross Under Natural Tsetse Challenge.


By the dept of VAP in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Biennial Scientific Conference and Exhibition Show-8-10th September 2010 at CAVS.

Conference proceedings

The following are proceedings in the 7th Biennial Scientific Conference, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi, 2010.

  1. Gakuya, D.W., Kiama, S.G., Mbaria, J.M., Gathumbi, P.K., Mathiu, P.M. and   Nguta, J.M.  Traditional Medicine in Kenya: Past and Current Status, Challenges and the Way Forward.
  1. Gakuya, D.W., Mbaria, J.M., Kiama, S.G., Gathumbi,P.K., Mathiu, P.M. and Nguta, J.M.  Ethnoveterinary Medicine: The Prospects of Integrating Medicinal Plant Products in Veterinary Medicine in Kenya.
  1. Kaluwa, C., Odumah, J. and Kanui, T. The effect of aqueous ethanol and chloroform extracts of Euclea divinorum (Ebenaceae) and Ricinus communis (Euphorbiaceae) on isolated rabbit uterine strips.
  1. Kaluwa, C., Odumah, J. and Kanui, T. Medicinal Plants Used By Traditional Birth Attendants For The Management Of Pre, Intra And Post partum Complications In Machakos District, Kenya.
  1. Kavoi, B.M., Makanya, A.N., Plendl, J. and Kiama, S.G. The Morphology of Olfactory Mucosa after Administration of Vinblastine Sulphate in Rabbits.
  1. Kmata, M.D., Mwagi, R.W. and Mathiu, P.M. Adverse Effecte of Indoor Confinement on Reproductive Performance and Hormone Levels in the Helmeted Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)
  1. Kimwele, C.N. Animal Welfare:  Current Status and the Future Trends in the Changing Environment.
  1. Kisia, S.M. and Oyugi, D.O. Common water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes: An invasive plant species that has wrecked havoc in Lake Victoria.
  1. Kisipan, M.L., Makanya, A.N., Oduor-Okelo, D. and Onyango, D.W. The epipidymis of rufous sengi (Elephantulus rufescens): Structure, adaptations and role in sperm maturation and storage.
  1. Mbaabu, P.M.,Maura, F. and Wamalwa, J. Surface water contamination by livestock in Migori district –a case for one health.
  1. Nyongesa, A.W., Forberg, A., Hallberg, C. and Carlsson, H.E. Use of lesser bush baby (Galago senegalensis) in research.
  1. Ochwangi, D.O., Kimwele, C., Rice, N. and Kiama, S.G. Nitric oxide synthase 3 gene transcriptional regulation in pulmonary myofibroblast differentiation and its implication in pulmonary fibrosis.
  1. Onyango, D.W. Fertility  Control. The Male Perspective.
  1. Owiti, G.E.O., Nyamasyo, S., Malal, E. and Onyuro, R. Impact of climate change on human-wildlife conflict in Eastern Africa.

MSc Students

The following are enrolled to study for the above degree in anatomy and cell biology:

  • M.B. Papah
  • J. Nasimolo
  • M. Kimani

PhD students

The following are studying for their doctorates in comparative animal physiology:

  • S. Wambugu
  • A.W. Nyongesa
  • C.K. Kaluwa

While the following are studying animal anatomy:

  • B.M. Kavoi
  • M.L. Kisipan
  • S.M. Kisia,
  • Chairman, DVAP