Dr. Catherine Kaluwa Kaingu acquires PhD and graduats on 2nd December 2016.
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Fri, 2016-12-02 13:27
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Dr. Catherine Kaluwa Kaingu successfully defended a PhD thesis and graduated on 2nd December 2016. Her doctorate topic was "Evaluation of Anti fertility potential of selected medicinal plants of Tana River County, Kenya".

200 million women in developing countries have unmet contraceptive neeed. This leads to about 20 million unsafe abortions carried out yearly. Conventional contraceptives are not devoid of side effects. The search for novel anti fertility agents is imperative.
The study has shown that both plants have potential as anti fertility agents as the estrus cylce that drives female fertility was significantly disrupted and levels of FSH and Estradiol significantly reduced. A further significant finding was the dose dependent loss of ovum in treated ovaries compared to controls. 

Dr. catherine Kaluwa future plans are to evaluate the reversible fertility regulating effects of both plants in female rats and further explore fertility regulating properties in female primates. Isolate and characterize phytochemical compounds of both plants to  elucidate possible mechanism of action. 



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Sun, 2021-01-24 13:27