The Utility of a Manual Liquid Based Cytology in Screening for PreCancerous Lesion and Cervical Cancer


Liquid-based cytology is a technique that enables cells to be suspended in a liquid medium and spread in
a monolayer, thereby enabling a better morphological assessment. Automated techniques have been
widely used especially in the developed countries but limited in developing countries due to cost
and availability. Pap smear examination has been the commonly used method for detection of cervical
cancer. However, there have been challenges in its use due to the inherent limitations like the presence
of obscuring blood and inflammation, which reduces its sensitivity. On the other hand, Manual Liquid
Based Cytology is a technique that is cost-effective and improves detection of precursor lesions and
specimen adequacy. This study evaluated the utility (in terms of accuracy of detection of abnormalities)
of a low-cost Manual Liquid-Based Cytology in screening for pre-cancerous lesion and cervical cancer in a
population of 295 sexually active women (≥ 18 years) attending Machakos Level 5 Comprehensive Care


Japan International Cooperation Agency

Principle Instigator
Onesmus M. Mutuku