Ongoing Research Projects in Vet. Anatomy And Physiology

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Commercialization Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants In Kenya, E-learning Curriculum Development, Ostrict Farming Research. KAPP Project/ KAPP Project/Prof. T. Mukiama 2007 2010 110,000 View Details
Trends In Livestock Production Systems And Their Impact On Environment And Livelihoods In The Lake Victoria Basin VICRES/Dr. P. Mbaabu (PI) 2007 2010 150,000 View Details
Pilot Study On The Influence Of Lifestyle Factors On The Incidence Of Breast Cancer In Kenyan Women. NIH/Dr. J.A.Oduma (PI) 2005 2007 14,600 View Details
Comparative Aspects Of Female Reproductive Organs, Comparative Placentation And Fetal Membrane Structure In Mammalian Phylogenetic Or Taxonomic Reconstruction Prof. D.Oduor Okello 2004 2,550 View Details
E-learning Consortium of East African Universities and Tufts University/P. Mbaabu (PI) 2004 12,000 View Details
Programming Of Microspheres For Gene Transfer To Human Dendritic Cells Dr. S.G Kiama/Dr. don Dreher(PI) 2000 83,802 View Details
Reproductive Physiology And Morphology View Details
Morphology Of Avian Respiratory System View Details
Morphology Of Avian Respiratory System View Details
Dendritic Cells Particle Interation View Details
Renal Morphology View Details
Reproductive Physiology And Anatomy View Details
Avian Respiration And Morphology View Details
Game Bird Farming View Details
Pain Physiology And Neuropharmacology View Details
Medicinal Plant Physiology And Pharmacology View Details
Molecular Wildlife Forensic Research Dr.C.Kimwele(P.I) View Details
Avocado Oil Extraction And Seedcake Processing Prof.Warui C.N (P.I) View Details
Investigations On The Structure And Functions Of The Ostrich (struthio Camelus) Colon And Cloaca. Prof.Warui C.N (P.I) View Details
Studies On The Effects Of Experimentally Induced Besnoitiosis On Testicular Thermoregulation In The Goat. Prof.Warui C.N (P.I) View Details
Structural-functional Relationships In Vertebrate Kidneys And In Avian Hindguts Prof.Warui C.N (P.I) View Details
Self Sponsored Experiments On Innovative Methods For Establishing And Propagating A Castor Bean (ricinus Communis) Plantation In The Arid And Semi-arid Lands (asal) Of Kenya. Prof.Warui C.N (P.I) View Details
Male Reproductive System View Details
A Higher Education Technology Network For Kenya; Program Development In Public And Ecosystem Health Dr.Mathiu (P.I) View Details
Ethnoveterinary And Ethnomedicine: Biological Activity Screening Of Medicinal Plants; Safety And Efficacy Of Traditional Medicines. Dr.Mathiu (P.I) View Details
Game Birds Farming: Domestication Of Guinea Fowls And Investigation Of The Causes Of Poor Reproductive Performance And Chick Mortality In Farmed Ostriches. Dr.Mathiu (P.I) View Details
Comparative Morphometric Study Of The Mammalian Cerebellum In Different Animal Species. Dr.Mwangi D.K (P.I) View Details
Testicualr And Epidydimal Response To Intra-peritoneal Administration Of Ethane Dimethanesulphonate In The Naked Mole-rat (heterocephalus Glaber) (funded By Dean DR. ONYANGO DANIEL W(P.I) View Details
Effects Of Crude Khat Extracts On Male Steroid Profiles And Reproductive Organs Of Rabbit (student Msc. Project) Dr.Onyango D.W(P.I) View Details
Reproductive Biology Of Lake Magadi Tilapia (alcolapia Grahami) (proposed Project). Dr.Onyango D.W(P.I) View Details
Physiology Of Epididymal Sperm Maturation Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Immunocontraception In Both Male And Female Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Reproductive Toxicology Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Placental Steroid Synthesis And Metabolism. Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Placental Morphology And Implantation Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Endogenous Retrovirus Localisation In Reproductive Organs Of Baboon Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Stress In Captive Non-human Primates Prof.Wango(P.I) View Details
Microvascular Development And Remodelling During Organogenesis In The Chick Embryo. Prof. Valentin G. Djonov, the Institute of Anatomy, University of Berne, Switzerland. View Details
Mechanisms And Dynamics Of Lung Development. Prof.. Valentin G. Djonov, the Institute of Anatomy, University of Berne, Switzerland View Details
Mechanisms And Dynamics Of Postnatal Lung Development In Marsupialia. Prof. Peter H. Burri, the Institute of Anatomy, University of Berne, Switzerland . View Details
Functional Morphology Of The Hind Gut In Ostriches Dr. C. N. Warui, Department of Veterinary Anatomy, University of Nairobi, Kenya. View Details
Methods And Mechanisms Of Gas Exchange In Volant Mammals Prof. Jacopo P. Mortola, Department of Physiology, McGill University, Sir William Osler Promenade, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. View Details
Endocrinology Dr.C.Kimwele(P.I) View Details
Molecular Ecology And Biodiversity Dr.C.Kimwele(P.I) View Details
Comparative Morphology And Morphometry Of Olfactory Epithelium In The Dog And Sheep Deans Committee/Dr. B.M Kavoi(PI), Dr. S.G Kiama,Kanui T.I 3,571 View Details