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Start Date End Date TitleEvent TypeUnit Venue Contact
01-Sep-2016 31-May-2017 Prof. Seth Kisia Has Been Visiting Scholar At School Of Veterinary Medicine University Of Ghana, Accra Ghana Since September 2016Vet. Anatomy And Physiology Accra Ghana
19-Apr-2017 22-Apr-2017 Dr. John Muturi Kimani, Attended Igad/icraf Biodiversity Management Programme In Horn Of AfricaVet. Anatomy And Physiology Laikipia Kenya
15-May-2017 17-May-2017 Dr. Ioana Sonea From Michigan State University Visits University Of Nairobi Visits The Dept. Of Veterinary Anatomy & PhysiologyVet. Anatomy And Physiology
22-May-2017 26-May-2017 Prof. Mbaabu And Dr. Ochwangi ) Attend 6th Ncst National Science WeekVet. Anatomy And Physiology KICC Nairobi
25-May-2017 26-May-2017 Dr Nyongesa Albert Attended A Workshop In Continuous Professional Development (cpd) At NakuruVet. Anatomy And Physiology Nakuru
02-Jun-2017 02-Jun-2017 Wildlife Students Take A Bird Watching Tour On 2nd June 2017 At Nairobi National Park.Vet. Anatomy And Physiology Nairobi National Park
09-Jun-2017 09-Jun-2017 Prof. Mbaabu Mathiu And Dr. Dominic Ochwangi Attend A Conference OnVet. Anatomy And Physiology
17-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017 Hormone Assays Test Were Done In July In The Department For The Ministry Of Livestock. Vet. Anatomy And Physiology DVAP